There comes a time in one's life when your heart is heavy. The causes could be singular - like money... or several like illness, the weather, politics and to go from the sublime to the While at school I found the best cure for that condition - the heavy heart, not love. P. G. Wodehouse. PGW was introduced to me by a friend, Bubuni. Well, actually she didn't quite introduce him to me. Bubuni was the eclectic sort in class. She wouldn't, couldn't be silly like us to drool over boys or even indulge in the most popular girlish sport, gossip. During lunch time she sat somberly, deep in some honorable thoughts. She sketched portraits. She read books. She read Wodehouse.

A part of me wanted to be like her. Peer pressure made me want to smoke a cigarette. Out of curiosity one day I treaded softly into the school library and browsed for Wodehouse. The introduction itself was very engaging. I started to get to know his favorite character, Bertie Wooster, and Jeeves. Smiles became grins and ended in guffaws, much to my embarrassment. It was riveting.

Then on, Wodehouse is the man of my dreams. The sole doctor for the soul.

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