The William Monk series is one of the mystery series by Anne Perry. The others are the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series and the Christmas Novel series. The first book in the William Monk series is The Face of a Stranger.

William Monk is a London police detective in the 19th Century. The books are set in Victorian England and Scotland.

  • The Silent Cry
  • A Breach of Promise
  • The Twisted Rose
  • Slaves of Obsession
  • Funeral in Blue
  • Death of a Stranger
  • The Shifting Tide
  • Dark Assassin
  • Execution Dock
  • Acceptable Loss
  • A Sunless Sea
  • Blind Justice
  • Blood on The Water
  • Corridors of The Night

Recurring characters

Note: In some cases names or titles may change as the series develops. To avoid spoiling the surprise, the original names and titles are used here. Major characters:

  • Inspector William Monk
  • Nurse Hester Latterly (Her elder brother is Charles, and her younger brother, who was killed in the Crimea War, was James.)
  • Oliver Rathbone
  • Lady Callandra Daviot
  • Runcorn, Monk's nemesis

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