We Can Remember It for You Wholesale: and Other Classic Stories (ISBN 978-0-8065-3445-9) is an anthology of science fiction short stories by Philip Kindred Dick with an introduction by Norman Spinrad. It was first published in 1987.


  • "The Cookie Lady"
  • "Beyond the Door"
  • "Prominent Author"
  • "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale"
  • "Jon's World"
  • "The Cosmic Poachers"
  • "Progeny"
  • "Some Kinds of Life"
  • "Martians Come in Clouds"
  • "The Commuter"
  • "The World She Wanted"
  • "A Surface Raid"
  • "Project Earth"
  • "The Trouble with Bubbles"
  • "Breakfast at Twilight"
  • "A Present for Pat"
  • "The Hood Maker"
  • "Of Withered Apples"
  • "Human Is"
  • "Adjustment Team"
  • "The Impossible Planet"
  • "Impostor"
  • "James P. Crow"
  • "Planet for Transients"
  • "Small Town"
  • "Souvenir"
  • "Survey Team"
  • Notes

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