Hey literature fans!

I will introduce myself. I am a young author of books, 20 years old only. I have written my first novel about the Syrian crisis and it will be published the 22nd of December. It's a story about a Turkish girl who meets her boyfriend at school, who convinces her to go with him to fight for the ISIS caliphate. The story includes my passion for philosophy, politics, music, and football and it closes with my own solution for the Syrian civil war.

However, (and if you write yourself, you'll be familiar with this) I have some more stories in the back of my mind which aren't good enough (yet) to be published, but which I still want to share. I was thinking of starting a Wiki with fellow literature fans, a place where everyone can share their novels, poems and essays for whatever reason, a place where talent can be unfolded and displayed and a place where everyone's body of work can be discussed by others. Talking about existing literature is great, but what about giving words to your own fantasy? I'm just checking here if there is any interest for it.

Have a nice day everyone!

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