Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)

M. Eminescu (his proper name was M. Eminovici

- pron.: Eminovitch) is regarded as the national poet of Romania. Born in Botosani (pron.: Botoshan), he died at the age of 38 years in Bukarest, suffering from paralysis the last five years of his life. From 1869 to 1874 he studied philosophy in Vienna and Berlin, later on working as librarian, superinten- dent of elementary schools and newspaper editor. In his short life he could not realize so many of his literary drafts (poetries, stories, fairytales etc.). Only a small part of his work was published during his lifetime ("Poezii" 1883). He was most loved for his pieces dealing with nature, and love, and for his "lyric of thoughts ", deeply melancholy and full of "Weltschmerz" and longing for death. His lyric infact has a very proper and touching melody. As he had studied the german philosophers and poets, his work was influenced by them (Schopenhauer). He transferred several works of german poets like Friedrich Schiller into the Romanian language. In contrary e.g. to Sándor Petöfi, the great national poet of Hungary (see this site), Eminescu ran an academic education: Maybe this and the fact romanian poetry´s grammar being rather artificial and differing to a great extent from spoken or even written (prose) language is the cause these poems having a somewhat sophisticated touch. Nevertheless the lyric of Eminescu, like Petöfi´s in Hungary, is very popular and appreciated by the people - children learn it at school. I love his poetry since long knowing quite some of it by heart!

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