James Joyce by Alex Ehrenzweig, 1915 restored

Steve Cole, a big James Joyce fan from Baltimore, has decided to observe Bloomsday, an annual commemoration of the Irish writer's works on June 16, in a new way, by.. tweeting Ulysses. He'll start at 8 AM Dublin time and will continue for 24 hours.

The tweets won't just consist of the novel's text, sentence after sentence, but instead will be an adaptation of the work to the 140-character medium.

“That would be dull and impossible,” says Cole. "What is proposed here is a recasting or a reimagining of the reading experience of this novel, start to finish, within the confines of a day-long series of tweets from a global volunteer army of Joyce-sodden tweeps.”

You can follow the tweets at @11ysses. Do you think it's a good way of commemorating the brilliant author? Or maybe a vile blasphemy?

Source: Mashable