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Je possède des comptes utilisateurs sur prêt de 100 projets de la fondation :

The Same Guy

Hello, this is Mattkenn3. If you are familiar with any of the Wikimedia sites, you might know me. I am now under a global Wikimedia account, so I am Mattkenn3 on all Wikimedia sites and wikis.

Articles I Created

These are the articles that I have created and written.

And Then There Were None


Wiki and Wikimedia

The four links on the top are to my other Wiki and Wikimedia accounts. I will tell you a little about them. In order,

  • I am an active user on the English Wikipedia. I havent been doing much lately, but I'll come back soon.
  • I am an active user on the Simple English Wikipedia. I have done some work here and I haven't been active lately, but I am coming back to halp this small wiki.
  • I have a Commons account, but haven't really done anything. I don't understand what to do exactly. I have uploaded a few pictures but nothing much.
  • I am an activist and bureaucrat on the Meerkats Wiki. I am very active, but am having trouble getting more users.

New Wiki

I'm trying to find a wiki similar to Wiki-species. Something like a big animal directory.

If there isn't one I might make one.

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