Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life by Gail Blanke has a fairly self-explanatory title. What's not obvious is that when she counts, multiples of the "same" thing count as one. So, throw out (donate or recycle) 15 T-shirts, and it still counts as throwing out one thing.


  • Introduction
    • Fueling the Urge to Purge
    • Making It to Fifty
    • Getting Started
  • Part One: Getting Rid of the Physical Stuff
    • Chapter 1 Your Bedroom
    • Chapter 2 Your Bathroom
    • Chapter 3 Your Kitchen
    • Chapter 4 Your Living Room
    • Chapter 5 Your Dining Room
    • Chapter 6 Your Attic
    • Chapter 7 Your Garage
  • Part Two: Your Office: Paring Down the Professional Clutter
    • Chapter 8 Clarifying Your Brand
    • Chapter 9 Keeping What Works, Eliminating What Doesn't
    • Chapter 10 The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes
  • Part Three: Attacking the Mental Mess
    If You Think You Can Separate the Physical from the Mental Clutter, Forget About It!
    • Chapter 11 Letting Go of Feeling Inadequate, Irrelevant, and Just Plain Not Good Enough
    • Chapter 12 Letting Go of the Type of Person You Think You Are -- or Aren't
    • Chapter 13 Letting Go of the Regrets and Mistakes of the Past
    • Chapter 14 Letting Go of Being Right About How Wrong Everybody and Everything Is
    • Chapter 15 Letting Go of the Need to Have Everyone Like You
    • Chapter 16 Letting Go of Thinking the Worst
    • Chapter 17 Letting Go of Waiting for the Right Moment
    • Chapter 18 Letting Go of Needing to Feel Secure
    • Chapter 19 Letting Go of Thinking That You Have to Do Everything Yourself
    • Chapter 20 Making It to Fifty: The Celebration
  • Part Four: Stepping into the Clearing
    • Chapter 21 Your Vision for the Future
    • Chapter 22 Taking Energy from Your Defining Moments
    • Chapter 23 Being Unforgettable
    • Chapter 24 Find Your Song -- and Sing It!
    • Chapter 25 Your Declaration to the World
Appendix: Your Throw-Outs
Resource Guide

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