The fierce bad rabbit takes the carrot from the nice gentle rabbit. Original illustration by Beatrix Potter.

The Story of A Fierce Bad Rabbit is a picture book by the English author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. It was one of the two stories published in panoramic format for the 1906 Christmas holiday season.[1] The pages were printed on a long strip of paper then folded and tied closed with a ribbon. Shopkeepers found the booklets difficult to stock, so Potter abandoned the format and republished both A Fierce Bad Rabbit and its companion piece The Story of Miss Moppet in small book format in 1916.

Beatrix Potter wrote The Story of A Fierce Bad Rabbit for Louie Warne, the young daughter of her publisher Harold Warne, who wanted a tale about a naughty rabbit quite unlike the nice Peter Rabbit. The story, about a bad rabbit who steals a carrot from a nice rabbit, is meant for extremely young children and therefore written very simply.


A fierce bad rabbit sees a nice gentle rabbit eating a carrot. He takes the carrot and scratches the gentle rabbit. The gentle rabbit goes into a hole to hide.

A man with a gun comes by. He sees the bad rabbit and mistakes him for a bird. The man shoots at the bad rabbit. The bad rabbit runs away, leaving behind not only the carrot but also his tail and whiskers.


  1. A third panoramic book The Sly Old Cat was planned but never completed. The story was published for the first time in 1971 with Beatrix Potter's rough sketches.

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