The Society On Da Run: Dragons and Cicadas
The Society On Da Tun dragon01
Author L'Poni Baldwin
First published April 9, 2009. January 18, 2012 (Subscription Book edition)
Setting Alternate earth
Recommended age adults, young adults
Series The Society On Da Run
Previous book il cyborg divina :: The Cyborg Divine
Next book The Love of an Italian Dragon
Genre Science fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, Short stories
Awards Dragosaeya Award for Outstanding Collection of Short Fiction
Movie adaptation None

The Society On Da Run is a science fiction subscription book written by L'Poni Baldwin. The book opens up a new genre called "subscription book" where stories from its original version are added to the book each month.


The book is comprised of short stories and poetry taking place in a world full of space dragons (Draconizica), and the other alien races that comprise the Unity of Three: the owl shifters and the insectoid species, the Crotonians. The book's stories range across different genres; such as hard science fiction (evident in it's "Guide to Space Dragons"), epic fantasy (the story "Forest of the Faerie"), dystopian fiction("ReDUMPtion" and After the "Aftermath"), zombie apocalypse ("Dino-Macro" and its sequels), horror ("Sleepover From Hell"), mystery ("Powerlines") and apocalyptic fiction ("Dragon's War 1-20"). The book also touches on the genre of boy love (the story "Platonick"), and themes of racism ("Down Home Gunner") and sexuality.

Other media

An interactive game was planned but was quickly canceled. The book has two Ren'Py visual novels planned, an audiobook planned, and is currently entered in Wattpad's Watty Awards 2012.

External links

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