The Skystone Cover

The Skystone is the first of eight in the series by Jack Whyte known as the Camulod Chronicles.


The book is set in Britain, around the time that the Roman Empire is dying. Publius Varrus, a war veteran, along with his commander and friend, Caius Brittanicus, set out to prepare themselves for the inevitable fall of the Roman Empire. They wish to survive. To build a fortress and army to ensure the safety of their people from the barbarian hordes once the Roman Legions leave. But Caius' old family has made enemies who seek to destroy him, along with their dream, will they succeed?


This is the first of eight books in the Camulod Chronicles, circling around the Arthurian Legend. This first book, along with the next two or so don't actually show any of Arthur or Camelot (Camulod in this book), instead, showing the possible origins of the legend as set out by Jack Whyte. The book itself is historically accurate, most events falling inline with actual events which happened in Rome.

However, the book itself isn't for young readers. The fights and battles are gory, with the sex scenes explained in explicit detail. Description of pretty much everything is well thought out and skillfully executed, meaning that you can get a good look into Jack Whyte's universe.

I would recommend The Skystone book to anyone looking for a good example of an Arthurian legend and is old enough to read all of the gory battles and sex scenes. — Buck Teeth7

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