Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker (born October 24, 1962) is a New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty novels. He is best known for his science fiction, Christian fiction, and fantasy novels, although he has also written a few non-fiction books. Other genres he has written in include thriller, horror, mystery and suspense. His novels are fast-paced and include surprising twists, unusual characters, and confrontations between good and evil. Dekker has also co-written books with Kaci Hill, Frank Peretti, Tosca Lee, Erin Healy, and Bill Bright.



Books of History Chronicles

The Circle series
The Paradise series
The Lost Books series
Other books

The Books of Mortals


The Caleb Series

The Martyr's Song series

Other titles


Graphic novels

  • Black (2007)
  • Red (2007)
  • White (2007)
  • Chosen (2008)
  • Infidel (2008)
  • Green (2009)
  • Renegade (2009)
  • Chaos (2009)


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