This book, Taming the Paper Tiger: Organizing the Paper in Your Life, by Barbara Hemphill is in at least its fourth edition. It has advice on handling and disposing of papers appropriately.

ISBN 0-8129-2836-9

Table of contents

Part One: The Paper-Management System
  1. The Roar of the Tiger
  2. Answer the Tiger's Roar
  3. Get Centered
  4. The Keys to the System
  5. Sort it Out
  6. Master the Art of Wastebasketry
  7. Your Calendar
  8. Your "To Do" Lists
  9. Names and Numbers
  10. Your Action Files
  11. Your Reference Files
    Part Two: Strategies for Paper Management
  12. Papers for Proof, Pleasure and Pondering
  13. Bills, Bills, Bills
  14. The Tax Man Cometh
  15. Your "To Read" Pile
  16. Your "To Write" Pile
  17. Family Records
  18. Family Memorabilia & Photographs
  19. The Kitchen Papers
  20. Children and Paper
  21. Travel and Papers
  22. Home Computers and Paper
  23. Paperholics
  24. Caging That Tiger

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