Front cover of a paperback edition of Stories from Shakespeare.

Stories from Shakespeare is a book by the American writer Marchette Chute. It was first published in 1956.

The book contains plot synopses of all thirty-six plays by William Shakespeare included in the First Folio. Chute wrote Stories from Shakespeare to make Shakespeare's plays more accessible to modern readers. By providing them with a “preliminary idea” of each play, she hoped to help readers who find Shakespeare difficult – because of the old words or the dramatic form of writing – to overcome their fears so they can begin to enjoy his works.

Stories from Shakespeare is one of the standard introductory texts and an excellent resource for the modern Shakespeare reader. It is appropriate for older children as well as adults.


All 36 First Folio plays are included in the collection.




  • King John
  • Richard II
  • Henry IV, Part One
  • Henry IV, Part Two
  • Henry V
  • Henry VI, Part One
  • Henry VI, Part Two
  • Henry VI, Part Three
  • Richard III
  • Henry VIII

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