Front cover of a first edition.

Shakespeare's Planet is a science-fiction novel by Clifford D. Simak. It was first published in 1976. The novel is about a man, Carter Horton, who becomes stranded on an alien planet.


Carter Horton and three other crew members  are sent on a mission to find a planet which would be suitable for human life. They are put in a deep sleep in until they arrive.  However ,due to a systems malfunction, Carter is the last one left alive. When he makes it to the planet he finds that he has been in deep sleep for about two thousand years  and that the ship he made it there with refuses to return to earth. The only living thing he discovers is Carnivore, who claims that there is an  inter-space tunnel which is the only way to leave the planet.

However, due to a danger on the planet the tunnel has been shut down. The danger is soon revealed in the form of a massive beast, which Carnivore kills but dies in the process. The makers of the tunnel, a mysterious race of whom nothing is known, return to reopen the tunnel.  Carter, however, leaves with the ship.

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