Septimus Heap is a series of fantasy novels featuring a protagonist of the same name written by English author Angie Sage. Septimus is the seventh son of a seventh son, which has left him with magical powers and abilities. These books chronicle his adventures and journeys.

Angie Sage describes the series for new readers in the quote below:

It is the most difficult thing for a writer to describe their own books, all I can say about Septimus Heap is that it is full of adventure and humanity, that although it is labelled fantasy it really is about people like you and me in a slightly different world – set in the distant future - with a touch of Magyk. If you’ve not read it, jump in and see what you think. The series develops and grows with each book and forget the age bandings that bookshops throw at you, I write for all ages.
-- Angie Sage - Writer of the Septimus Heap series

The series was originally inspired by the Harry Potter series but has developed into much more than that though if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series then consider giving these books a try.

These are the covers in the USA. These are where you will find the fantastic illustrations by Mark Zug who also did the covers.

The Septimus Heap series also has a sequel series called the TodHunter Moon Trilogy.

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