Retiefs peace

the cover of Retief's Peace

Retief's Peace is a satirical science fiction novel by William H. Keith and part of the Retief series, originally created by the science fiction writer Keith Laumer.

Having been fired from the Corps Diplomatique Terestienne, the hard-hitting diplomat, Retief, takes it upon himself to end the war between the imperialist Krll and the Terrans while at the same time putting a stop to the dope-dealing gangster Mr. Bug. The quest takes Retief from the peaceful planet of B'ruckley inhabited by native B'rucleyans and a host of joyweed smoking Terran students to the planet Odiousita where he ends up in the middle of a warzone, having to ward off both Terran forces and the might Krll war machine while helping the native Bloggies preserve their culture and identity.

Like the rest of the books in the Retief-series, Retief's Peace is action packed and humorous, satirically dealing with several social and political issues.

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