Nightfall and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov. Published in 1969, the anthology contains stories previously published in various magazines.


  • "Breeds There a Man...?"
  • "C-Chute"
  • "Eyes Do More Than See"
  • "Flies"
  • "Green Patches"
  • "Hostess"
  • "In a Good Cause—"
  • "Insert Knob A in Hole B"
  • "It's Such a Beautiful Day"
  • "The Machine That Won the War"
  • "My Son, the Physicist"
  • "Nightfall"
  • "Nobody Here But—"
  • "Sally"
  • "Segregationist"
  • "Strikebreaker"
  • "Unto the Fourth Generation"
  • "The Up-to-Date Sorcerer"
  • "What If—"
  • "What Is This Thing Called Love?"

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