1902 photograph of Molly Elliot Seawell.

Mary Elliot Seawell, better known as Molly Elliot Seawell (October 23, 1860 - November 15, 1916) was an American author whose works include essays, plays and short stories, many of which were originally published in The New York Times.


  • Midshipman Paulding (1891)
  • Paul Jones (1892)
  • Decatur and Somers (1893)
  • The Berkleys and their Neighbors (1894)
  • A Strange, Sad Comedy (1894)
  • The Sprightly Romance of Marsac (1896)
  • The History of Lady Betty Star's Suitors (1897)
  • A Virginian Cavalier (1898)
  • The Rock of the Lion (1898)
  • The Loves of the Lady Arabella (1899)
  • The Fortunes of Fifi (1903)
  • The Victory (1906)

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