One of Judith Martin's etiquette books, Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium, addresses traditional manners as well as information about how to apply politeness and common sense to modern events and inventions (e.g., cell phones, pizza delivery).

Her guide applies thoughfulness, common sense and humor to situations where people aren't sure how to behave. She also throws in tidbits about the history behind some rules, explaining how they apply (or not) now.

ISBN 0-671-72228-X


The following is the top level from the contents list.

  1. Revised Conventions
  2. Home Life
  3. The Workplace
  4. Business and the Public
  5. When Business Gets Personal
  6. Genuine Social Life
  7. Courtship and Romance
  8. Ceremonies and Celebrations
  9. Funerals and Bereavement
  10. Protocol

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