Many of the Wikia have overlaps with the Wikipedia and other wiki. In general, the difference for Wikia is that it is more community based than fact sharing. So while Wikipedia will have articles on books, authors and other aspects of literature, they should have a neutral point of view and "stick to the facts". Here at the Literawiki, you can share reviews, give gift ideas, include suggestions.

Wikia and Wikipedia are both "powered by MediaWiki" and have many similarities. So, the question has come up, why have this Wikia on Literature, a topic which already has many good articles on Wikipedia? In addition, some people have copied (or suggested copying) content from Wikipedia to here.

Wikipedia is a good source, but there's no point in having a Wikia that's just a copy of a sub-set of the Wikipedia. As a Wikia, this site does not have to stick to a neutral point of view (NPOV), so personal experiences, like favorite heroes, holidays or stories would be appropriate. In addition, other things like traditional family recipes (or links to recipes on other sites) could be posted.

Please contribute original content.

Of course, when the need arises to verify information, Wikipedia is a good source, However, this is not a Wikipedia mirror site. If all we did was copy the articles from Wikipedia, there would be no point in having an individual wiki.

So far there isn't much of this kind of content. But feel free to add things like...

  • book reviews
  • if you liked this series of books, consider this other series or author
  • books for someone starting a particular hobby
  • gifts (suggestions based on age or interests)

Please, don't give factually incorrect statements and try to make it clear where you're giving your opinion (reviews, etc.). Use the category Category:Favorite to indicate your favorite book or author.