Important, Please read this section before voting or proposing!

Please vote for or propose policies here, this page can also be used to get rid of current policies, however for a already established policy to be lost there must be double supporting its deletion over those voting to keep. The layout is:


Policy Idea.





The policy will stay up for two weeks, if after this time if it has a majority in favour then it should be moved to a policy page, if it has been voted out then it should be deleted.

Users should remember that when putting a new policy in the Policy Idea section, will be what actually appears on the policy page, so personal messages should be kept to a minimum.

If you read a policy, and are happy with it except one aspect then instead of opposing it, make a new section:

==Support without (Whatever the problem is)==

Users who have already voted in support of against should then reconsider their votes, in the event they decide to change their votes, they should strike their previous one, then vote in the new section. to strike use the code: <s>Struck text</s> in the event that it is a draw between the new idea and the old one, the old one passes.

if after a vote is passed, the nominator (or any one else) decides that something needs to be changed, they should put it on this page, with the original text changed to match the changes that are in order

Proposed Policies