Any ideas for a logo for this Wikia? Please post any potential contributions here.

If it helps, here are some images from Wikicommons: 375px-Open book nae 02.svgEnciclopedia Nuvola apps bookcase

Wiki.png See also Spanish Educación wiki which has a book-themed logo.


Hi everyone. I found these two favicons for Literature. Okay-I know they aren't books, but I chose them because when you open up a book, sometimes it takes you to another world. Also, because they look somewhat like a sunset/rise, which can be soothing for some people, just like books can. Any comments? I think I might try and create another favicon by using a book picture I find on here.



Swannie 20:02, 22 June 2007 (UTC)

UPDATE: I created another favicon possibility, and it is the stylized stack of books (like the one pictured above). Here is the link to it-