Ismail Kadare in 2002.

Ismail Kadare or Ismaail Kadaré (born January 28, 1936 in Gjirokastër, Albania) is a renowned Albanian author whose works include novels, plays, poems, short stories and essays. In 2005, he won the Booker International Prize. Kadare's works have been published in over forty countries. He has been a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature.


  1. Qyteti Pa Reklama ("The City Without Advertisements", written in 1959, published in 2001)
  2. Shekulli Im ("My Century", 1961)
  3. Gjenerali i Ushtrisë së Vdekur ("The General of the Dead Army", 1963)
  4. Përse Mendohen Këto Male ("Why These Mountains Brood", 1964)
  5. Dasma ("The Wedding", 1968)
  6. Kështjella ("The Castle", 1970)
  7. Kronikë në gur ("Chronicle in Stone", 1971)
  8. Dimri i Madh ("The Great Winter", 1977)
  9. Ura Me Tri Harqe (The Three-Arched Bridge, 1978)
  10. Prilli i Thyer ("Broken April", 1980)
  11. Gjakftohtësia (1980)
  12. The File on H. (Dosja H, 1981)
  13. Literary Works (Vepra Letrare, 1981-1989)
  14. The Concert at the End of the Winter (Koncert në Fund të Dimrit, 1988)
  15. Përbindëshi (The Monster, 1991)
  16. From one December to another (Nga një dhjetor në tjetrin, 1991)
  17. The Pyramid (Piramida, 1992)
  18. Albanie (1995)
  19. The Palace of Dreams (Pallati i ëndrrave, 1981)
  20. Poèmes (1997)
  21. Froides Fleurs D'Avril (Spring Flower, Spring Frost, 2000)
  22. Three Elegies for Kosovo (2000)
  23. The Life, Game and Death of Lul Mazreku (Jeta, loja dhe vdekja e Lul Mazrekut, 2002)
  24. The Successor (Pasardhësi, 2003)
  25. A dialogue with Alain Bosquet (Dialog me Alain Bosquet, 1996)
  26. Spiritus (Spiritus, 1996)
  27. The Angels' Cousin, essays (Kushëriri i engjëjve, 1997)
  28. Barbarian Times (From Albania to Kosovo)(Kohë Barbare (Nga Shqipëria në Kosovë), 1996)
  29. Ra ky mort e u pam (2000)
  30. Some rain-drops fell on the glass (Ca pika shiu ranë mbi qelq, 2003 - Selection of poems)
  31. The European identity of Albanians(Identiteti European i shqiptarëve, 2006)
  32. "Eskili, ky humbes i madh"
  33. "Agamemnon's Daughter" and "The Heir" (2007)

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