This famous series by Sue Grafton begins with "A" is for Alibi. The protagonist of the series is Kinsey Millhone. The books are mostly told in first person by Kinsey in retrospect. She think of herself as a loner, and she is very independent.

Regular characters

  • Kinsey Millhone
  • Con Dolan
  • Henry Pitts
  • Rosie
  • William
  • Vera Lipton
  • Cheney Phillips
  • Robert Dietz

and bonus: Kinsey and Me.

Kinsey Millhone

Kinsey Millhone is the protagonist of the this series. Kinsey thinks of herself as a loner. She likes living in a small space. Kinsey has been married and divorced twice before the series begins. She was a police officer for two years, before she became a private detective. Over the course of the series, we meet her ex-husbands, the police, private detectives and insurance personnel she used to work with. We meet other people who are important in her life: her landlord, Henry, Rosie, who runs the local bar, assorted boyfriends and others. (A list of some of the other regular characters is on the series article.)

She is independent.

Kinsey likes Quarter Pounder ("QP") with cheese, fries and other junk food. She also has some special sandwiches, like peanut butter and pickles cut diagonally, that she enjoys.