Diane Mott Davidson has written a series of mysteries about a caterer named Goldy. (Goldy's last name changes over time.) Ms Davidson has included recipes from some of the dishes for the events described in the books.

Through the Goldy Bear series we get to know Goldy, her family and friends. Goldy is deeply protective of those she loves, especially her son, Arch. She get involved in mysteries because she cannot leave anything that might threaten her family to the professionals (police). Professionally, she is a caterer. And the books include some of "her" recipes.


Regular Characters

  • Goldy Bear (using this nickname to avoid spoiling some surprises)
  • Arch, her son
  • John Richard Korman, a.k.a.'s ex-husband, the jerk (JRK)
  • Marla Korman, Goldy's best friend (they share the same ex)
  • Julian Teller, a young man with a flair for cooking
  • Tom Schulz, police investigator


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