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Now the page name is the same as book name. However, there is a problem. Some books have more than one versions. (Different publisher, different publish date, etc.) And sometimes differences between versions cannot be ignored.

I can think of two possible solutions:

1, Don't use book title as page name, instead, use ISBN number or something else which is unique for every version of a book.

2, Use book title as the navigation page name. Use booktitle/ISBN as subpage (wikia has subpages enabled). For example, Computer_Science_An_Overview will bring you to a navigation page, while Computer_Science_An_Overview/978-0321387011 will bring you to the page for the 9th edition of this book, and Computer_Science_An_Overview/978-0805302653 will bring you to the page for the 3 edition, etc.

We have to use ISBN, instead of Computer_Science_An_Overview/3th because there may be other publishers. (Yes, there is for this example.)

And if we consider more famous and old books, say, A Tale of Two Cities, obviously we cannot use A_Tale_of_Two_Cities/1th etc, which makes little sense.

For my part, I think ISBN is the best solution. And personally I think choice 2 is better, since users can have an overview of all editons of one book easily. However, the disadvantage of choice 2 is it will cause long urls.

What's your opinion? Maybe there are better solutions?

WeakishJiang 19:03, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

Up to know, we haven't got any article that refers to any specific edition of the work it's about. We can keep the work's title as the article title and add any relevent info about different editions within the article. The article's title itself must stay simple, easy to remember (no ISBN numbers), easy to type, easy to find. If there's an article where you must really mention the edition in the article's title I guess the second solution is fine. We can make redirections from simplet titles or even from the ISBN number if needed.--Rataube 06:54, 11 August 2007 (UTC)
I think the title is the main key for most books. Very few people look for books by ISBN. Sub-pages when the editions make a difference would be fine. I think it rarely matters even then. In the example, Computer Science An Overview, even though newer versions might be more-up-to-date and have different exercises, at the level of discussion where you talk about the subject and intent of the book, the main title is still the same.
If, for some reason, you think it makes sense to have an article with the ISBN as the title, that's ok. You may do that. It's also ok to create redirects. In several cases, I've put created a redirect from a shorter, popular name of a book to the full, formal title.
I think it's a good idea to put the ISBN numbers in the articles, so in case someone does want to search by ISBN, they can find related articles.
-- CocoaZen 19:00, 18 August 2007 (UTC)