Double Shot is one of the Goldy Bear series mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson.

Once again, Goldy's catering events narrowly avoid disaster. It begins when she gets mugged, and all the food for an old acquaintance's post funeral luncheon is ruined by some unknown vandal. Then, there's the luncheon itself, where her ex-husband brings his new girlfriend. (The previous, also present, girlfriend is not happy.)

Copyright, 2004.
ISBN-13:978-0-06-052730-3 ISBN-10:0-06-052730-7
Dedicated "To Jasmine Cresswell, A brilliant writer and unfailing friend"


Like the other Goldy Bear mysteries, this one contains recipes. They sound yummy, but I've never made any of them? Have you tried them? How'd they work out? --CocoaZen 15:36, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

The recipes included in this book are for Goldy's Nuthouse Cookies, In-Your-Face Strawberry Pie (versions I & II), Primavera Pasta Salad, Party Pork Chops, Party Apples, Got-a-Hunch Brunch Rolls, The Whole Enchilada Pie, Handcuff Croissants, Trudy's Mediterranean Chicken, Double-Shot Chocolate Cake, Brownie Points and Strip Show Steaks.

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