At the beginning of Catering to Nobody Goldy Bear has three problems:

  1. short notice on a catering job
  2. short on cash
  3. short on supplies.

In addition, she is worried about her son, Arch. The catering job is food for after the funeral of a favorite teacher of his. She handles the supplies and the job - temporarily easing her financial situation. But, when her ex-father-in-law becomes seriously ill at the wake, she becomes a suspect, and her business is closed down. Out of a combination of curiosity and a driving need to re-open her business, Goldy joins the investigation to find out who poisoned the coffee.

Copyright: 1990
ISBN: 0-449-22046-X

This is the first book of the Goldy Bear series. Read it to meet many of the series' recurring characters. The next book in the series is Dying for Chocolate.

Like other books in the series, this one contains recipes. Later books include more recipes and an index. This one does not, so here's a list of the recipes and the chapters in which they appear.

Chapter Recipe Additional Information
7 Goldy's Dream Cake cheesecake with raspberry and almonds
10 Dungeon Bars sweet oat and raisin bars
24 Honey-Ginger-Snaps

External links

  • LitLovers has some information about the author and book along with some reviews and suggested book club discussion questions at Catering to Nobody (Davidson)

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