Illustration by Max Bihn for Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare depicting Bottom and Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare is a book by the British author Edith Nesbit. It was originally published in 1907 in the United States as Twenty Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare: A Home Study Course.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare is an expanded version of Nesbit's earlier book, The Children's Shakespeare (1897), a collection of twelve tales based on plays by William Shakespeare. For her second collection, Nesbit selected the same twenty tales included by Charles and Mary Lamb in their 1807 classic children's book Tales from Shakespeare. Nesbit's adaptations, targeting younger children, are shorter and also less moralistic than those by the Lambs.

The book is edited by E.T. Roe and includes the editor's preface. It also includes a brief biography of Shakespeare, a pronunciation guide, and quotes from the plays.


The following tales are included in the collection.

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