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A to Z Mysteries is a mystery book series. It is written by Ron Roy and published by Random House Inc. There are twenty-nine books in the series.


  • The Absent Author
  • The Bald Bandit'
  • The Canary Caper
  • The Deadly Dungeon
  • The Empty Envolope
  • The Falcon's Feathers
  • The Goose's Gold
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • The Invisible Island
  • The Jaguar's Jewel
  • The Kidnapped King
  • The Lucky Lottery
  • The Missing Mummy
  • The Ninth Nugget
  • The Orange Outlaw
  • The Panda Puzzle
  • The Quicksand Question
  • The Runaway Racehorse
  • The School Skeleton
  • The Talking T.Rex
  • The Unwilling Umpire
  • The Vampire's Vacation
  • The White Wolf
  • The X'ed-Out X-Ray
  • The Yellow Yacht
  • The Zombie Zone
  • Detective Camp
  • Mayflower Treasure Hunt
  • White House White-out

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